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The summer holidays are flying past so fast, and in a matter of weeks, a new school year is starting. Early mornings getting children ready for school, rushing round getting lunches, children dressed whilst attempting to get yourself together too is a regular day for a majority. Well here are our top 3 tips to make these mornings a little easier.

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  1. Simple products = Simple mornings. Invest in products which are multi-tasking, saving you time but still does the job!! Hydra Finish which is a light tinted moisturiser, great for all skin types. It leaves the skin with a luminous even fresh natural finish, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin. It also has SPF, great for protecting the skin from the ageing effects of the sun. This replaces the steps of both moisturising and foundation, and leaves the skin looking healthy and natural – perfect for an everyday look. 

2. No More Chipped Nails. All ready for a morning meeting, to look down and notice a big chip in one of your nails, which you only painted last night. Invest in GEL nails, taking just 45              minutes to apply, and lasting up to 3 weeks, there is one less thing to worry about. 

3.  Fussy Shower Time. Getting children, especially boys to get up and wash in the morning can be a nightmare. Now with spongelle, a two in one sponge infused with body wash, which may              add comes in shapes and a variety of colours are great! It makes getting washed easier, more fun and quicker!

If you have any great tips for back to school let us know if the comments!!