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Crystal Clear

Get Crystal Clear Skin Care

After a slight skin disaster, where I have woken up with swollen eyes and very dry skin from allergic reaction, it had got me thinking about how I am going to re-hydrate my skin – which leads me to products for dry skin and to give you the low down on Guinot skincare products specifically for dry skin!

The skincare range specially for dry skin is referred to as ‘nourishing skincare’. It aims to help skin which is not only dryness but also with skin which can look dull, lack radiance and sometimes cause discomfort. All the products within the range are enriched with active ingredients that your skin may be lacking, which helps re-nourish it.

The four products within this range are simple to add into a skincare routine without it being too fancy and time consuming!

Firstly an everyday face cream, ‘Creme Nutrition Confort’ which repairs the skin and helps make the skin more soft. This will make application of makeup easier as any foundation or BB cream won’t cling to any dry patches, and hopefully make makeup last longer on the skin .

For the evenings, ‘Nutrizone‘ which is an Intensive nourishing cream, which recharges the skin with nutritive elements.

After applying ‘Nutrizone’, you can apply the ‘Serum Nurti Cellulaire’, which stimulates the production of nourishing elements, it compensates for nutritional deficiencies in malnourished and devitalised skin.

Once or twice a week apply the ‘Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort’, which will add instant nourishment and radiance with essential oils.

All the products together will help with dry skin and make the appearance of the skin more radiant, and most importantly will get rid of any discomfort and make you feel more confident!

To try any of the products, pop into salon to purchase or ask for a free sample to see what a difference it makes to your skin!

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