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Finding products which are best suited and work for oily skin can be difficult. Espically when it comes to skincare but also make-up, as it tends to not last as long on the face and oils in the skin can cause some make-up to separate. Although this post is not specially about makeup, finding and using skincare products which work can help with longevity to make-up is key, as the skincare is the base for all makeup.

Guinot’s range for skincare is known as ‘Purity Skin Care’, and contains effective, deep treatment products which have antibacterial and sebum-regulating active ingredients. They state that it will help with clearing the skin of impurities, faster and longer than any other products. I am going to recommend 3 of my favourites from this range, which I would class as essentials and basics within my skincare routine!

Creme Pur Equilibre –  An everyday mattifying cream, usually applied in the mornings as replacement to a moisturiser, but also can be used in the evenings. It mattifies the skin for a long period of time without making the skin look dull as restores the natural radiance of the skin. It has lots of fancy ingredients, one of which is known as, Sebum-regulating complex which purifies and tightens any dilated pores. It does make the skin look more refined and over a period of time does clear the skin of impurities. The formula of it is light consistency, however still does smoothe out and moisturise the skin so makeup can be applied over immediately. It also has a fresh scent which isn’t overpowering. (Side note: This has to be my favourtie product out of the range)

Masque Soin Pur Equilibre – It’s important to regularly use facemask, around once a week/twice, to both help and treat the skin. This mask inparticular helps unclog pores whilst exfoliating. It helps even out the skin’s texture and leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant. The mask dries really quickly, and does not have a scent unlike some face masks.

Microbiotic Mousse Visage – Using a cleanser is so important, even if it is not what you initially use to remove makeup, but as a second cleanse this is really good. It is a foam which thoroughly cleanses the skin. It has anti-bacterial properties which help with any breakouts and something which many cleanses don’t have.

There are three other products within the range, including a serum, toning lotion and a treatment concealer which all work together to tackle oily skin! If you want any further information or advice just pop into the salon for some help, or to purchase the products!

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