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Guinot became a leading brand by avant-garde skincare methods at the forefront of technology. They focus on revealing the beauty of every woman and designed exclusive and innovative treatment methods that have conquered the hearts of women all over the world who wish to look their best.

Guinot is most well known for the ‘Hydradermie’ which was created in 1972. The Hydradermie is an exclusive facial treatment which uses the ionisation process which improves penetration of skincare products, providing clients with exceptional results and satisfying clients’ beauty objectives.

Since, Guinot treatment and products have revolutionised the beauty industry with it’s exclusive effective treatments and products which are formulated with active ingredients at optimum concentrations.

Here at the Beauty Room we offer a wide range of both Guinot treatments and products. The skincare product range, ranges from targeting dehydrated skin to a specific skincare range to restoring firmness of the skin.