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This year Guinot have brought out Summer Saviours bag including much-loved holiday heroes, complete with a summer tote bag perfect for your holiday!

The bag includes products to keep your skin both protected and hydrated in the sun, with a range of full size and travel size products!

Eau Demaquillant Micellaire – A cleansing water, which re-hydrates and soothes the skin, removing any makeup and sunscreen too.

Large UV defense Spray – 30SPF body sunscreen spray can easily be applied to protect the skin against sunburns, skin aging caused by UV rays and soften the skin,

Liat Hydrazone Corps – Travel friendly size body lotion, moisturises the skin after a long day in the sun.

Creme Hydra Beaute – An everyday moisturiser, perfect for both morning and evening application, travel friendly.

Baume Levres Confort – 20SPF lip balm, protects the lips which are often neglected in the sun whilst keeping them hydrated!


All the products are paraben free, water resistant (which is key for the summer), protects the skin against UVA rays which age the skin, contains Nucleic Defence DNA which absorbs and neutralises the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and protects the skin against UVB rays which can burn and irritate the skin.

This is perfect buy for yourself or for a gift for someone going on holiday!

The bag costs £52.00, saving 51%!