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As spring is upon us, so is the endless weddings and summer parties, and spray tans!

Spray tans become so popular this time of year, and at The Beauty Room, we do both St.Tropez and Kissed by Mii tan’s, alongside this we have a range of products to help maintain your gorgeous glow!


Before having any tan it is essential that at least 24 hours before you exfoliate the body, paying attention to dry areas (knees, elbows and feet), as well as have any waxing or have. Mii have a ‘seriously smoothing exfoliator’ which can be used both on the face and body, and gently nourishes and primes the skin ready for a tan! – This will also help prolong your tan.

On the day of your tan make sure you shower however do not apply any moisturisers, oils or deodorant as these can act as a barrier to the tan. Wear dark loose fitting clothing, and flip flops.


There are different types of tan to suit your skin and your lifestyle. St Tropez tan once applied can be washed off after 12 hours, we usually recommend overnight so it has time to fully develop. Mii express tan can be washed off after a shorter amount of time depending on how dark you would like to be. (See Below)



After showering to reveal your sunkissed skin, there are products which can optimiser your tan and make your tan last longer. St. Tropez have a range specifically for optimising your tan, with a hydrating body moisturiser, body butter and shower cream. There is also a tan detox bath treatment oil which removes any potential build up of tan. Mii have a similar range with their body moisturiser which aims to prolong the life of your tan whilst allowing the tan to fade evenly, instead of patchy which can be the case with some tanning products. The key thing with tanning is moisturising. You can also top up your fade as it fades with Mii ‘effortlessly east tanning’ which can easily applied, great for any first time self-tanners to maintain your tan!