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We all spend a lot of time (and money) on making our skin look clear and the best it can be, from luxury cleaners, oils and makeup products. Having flawless skin is a challenge! One thing we often miss out in our ‘skincare routines’, is cleaning our makeup brushes. This can be one of the most boring tasks, but actually may be the answer to keeping away any blemishes. Using the same makeup brushes everyday, for foundation, blush, eyeshadow – the list is endless, lead to a buildup of product and bacteria. It is actually recommended by leading professional in the beauty industry that we should wash our makeup brushes once a month at least. Practically this isn’t always possible due to time and effort, but over the last 6 months, different brush cleansers and removers have become increasing popular. Although I have yet to find any which speeds up the dreaded process or completely clean my brushes, without drying them out.

HOWEVER this week, Mii have introduced a new ‘Brush Balm’. It comes in a compact type round tub, which contains a soap-like looking cleanser. Unlike a majority of cleanses, which leave your brushes smelling citrusy, this is completely fragrance-free, so will even be good for those with sensitive skin, who don’t want any residue left on makeup brushes.

It is super simple to use, all you need to do is rinse your brush with the head facing down (this prevents any of the bristles becoming loose and falling out), then gently swirl the brush over the balm. It will foam up, and you can clearly see the colour coming off the brush. There is also an exfoliating pad which you can gently swirl your brushes on too. Rinse the brush again, and remove the excess water, help the brush head return to its natural shape, and lie flat on a towel to dry! It’s really that simple!!

We would love to know if you have tried this product! Just leave us a comment on our Facebook page or pop into the salon to have a look for yourself!


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