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This month is all about tans! We are loving the St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse, which is a self-tan which can easily be applied with a tanning mitt.

The mousse is lightweight, and is best applied on skin which has been exfoliated, so the product looks even (also moisturising the dry areas with St.Tropez Moisturiser/prep, will help with this). Unfortunately it does not last as long as a spray tan, but is great for one offs, such as a wedding or night out!

The best way to apply and get a streak-free look,

  • shake the bottle
  • apply a generous amount to the mitt
  • apply in circular motions and distribute evenly
  • for your face, use the the remaining tan on the mitt, rather than adding more product

It is easier to start with the feet and legs and work your way up, remember to take your time, as it the mousse will not dry out. Just keep rubbing it in until you are happy.

If you are in a rush, the mousse also comes in an express formula, which you can leave on for a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the colour you want to go. You can then wash it off and the tan will start to develop. The tan also comes in Original and Dark, so there is something to suit everyone!

Just like with a spray tan, moisturising regularly with help the longevity of the tan.

st tropez tan