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Crystal Clear

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This month has been a strange one, from some of the lovely weather in May we were expecting sun in June, not rain and thunderstorms. The only good thing is being wrapped up all warm inside when it is heavily raining outside! This leads me on to our product of the month, which is slightly different to previous months and is a nail varnish topcoat! I am obsessed with painting my nails and having different colours all the time! Which means as much as I love Gels, I struggle to commit to one colour for a few weeks, but I miss the shine and longevity that you get from Gels.

For many of you that come into the salon for manicures or a file and polish may recognise the Jessica Phenom range which is AMAZING! The topcoat inparticular is so good! I love shiney glossy looking nails which last and don’t chip after a day-or-so (which most nail vanishes do on me). This topcoat can be so easily applied on top of any Phenom nail polish, unlike some nail varnishes which have quite thin brushes, the Phenom topcoat has a thick wide brush which can cover the whole nail in just one stroke.

It leaves the nails with a beautiful glossy shine without ruining the vivid colour underneath. It dries quickly in natural light, and lasts similarly to a gel but protects the nails rather than potentially causing damage like gels. It also removes easily at home with normal nail vanish remover.

This is a definite must have!