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Crystal Clear

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With the mixture of hot summer days and winter days, we all take every opportunity to enjoy some sun when it does eventually come out! Although it’s not the temperatures we may be used to on holiday, it’s the same sun which means we still need to take care of our skin, especially when gardening and sitting out in the sun.

It is the few hot days we had last week which reminded me of my favourtie products to use during the summer months.

Finding a sunscreen, although can be a challenge, is doable as there are so many to choose from with different factors and designed for different skin types – that there is something for everyone out there. But its the aftersun which I find so hard to purchase, which both does the job with moisturising my skin and help my tan last a little longer but also suit my skin which can be sensitive.

Guinot ‘Grand Soin Apres Soleil’ After Sun Intensive Recovery does the trick.

It comes it a huge 200ml which lasts most of the summer we have and is in a pump bottle, meaning easy to apply, so no excuse! It has a moisturising formula which really helps moisturise the skin, and restore and soothe anything skin which may of been exposed in the sun too long, without being too sticky, it’s not something you have to wait around to dry on the skin. Also does not mean that you have to apply both an aftersun and your regular moisturiser. The After Sun helps my tan last ages, and also enhances it a bit which is

Overall is a brilliant product, and retails at £27.50.

What is your summer favourite?