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The end of summer is insight, August is a month of holidays and this month we have been loving a product that we have used throughout the summer and are going to continue to use. Guinot Baume Protecteur Lèvres, is a lip balm with an SPF 20, making it perfect for summer and winter holidays (ie, for skiing).The balm is moisturising, leaving the lips feeling soft and hydrated. The formula of it is not overly thick but has durablity to it and is not light, which also allows it to be so versatile throughout the year. When applied there is no obvious residue left on the lips and applies seamlessly on the lips. With a light scent, which is not overpowering or extremely ‘vanillay’, a common tendency with lip balms.

We overall love this lip balm and at £13.75 for 15ml, we think this is a must have!!

Baume Levres SPF20 for web