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Raven Fashion Sponge Animals review Spongelle:

This summer we have taken on a new range of products, called Spongelle. You are probably thinking what?!?! Keep reading to find out what it is all about!

Background – It is a trend from LA, from a LA based company which specialises in innovative delivery for the personal care industry. They aim to make everyday personal cleanliness easier!

The product – It is a body buffer/sponge which is infused with body wash. They have a range from travel size, children and men’s, and of course the original range!

The original range are colour flowers, which have a sensual exfoliating massage texture.

The Scents:

  • French Lavender
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Papaya Yuzu
  • Ginger Bergamot
  • Coconut Verbena

They have ones specifically designed for children and men too! The children Spongelle come in fun animal shapes which they claim will transform your kid’s shower time experience forever. They come in Duck, Butterfly, Dog and Fish shapes. Also in fun colours, too add to the extra appeal.

The Men’s super buffer, a much more simpler design, either in black and white, with a masculine scent.

They are perfect for holiday as you don’t need to worry about taking any body washes, as it is all in one! Espically if you only have hand luggage on a plane and are restricted with liquids.