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Setting the scene: You are on holiday sitting by the pool enjoying a fruity cocktail, to only look down and notice your newly painted nails have chipped. No one wants to spend time re-painting their nails when they could be lying in the sun reading a book.

Now there is a solution to this – Gels. They are cured under a UV light, and last for 2-4 weeks (depending on your nails), and keep a long-lasting high gloss shine. We absolutely love them!

There is a range of colours to choose from, and this week we have received all of our summer shades! (See Below) The new summer shades include both some lighter pastel colours, and other darker colours which I think would look great on toes! Espically, ‘Sensual’, would look so pretty with a tan!

The removal for the GELS is simple too, all you have to do is come into the salon to have them professionally removed, as self-removal can rip up the nails.#

What’s your favourite colour from our new summer shades?

Summer Gel Shades with Names

For more information or to book an appointment to have Gels, look online or via the app! Follow us on Facebook to be first to get updates on the salon!